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Geri Gelen Mektup - İngilizce Çeviri

16 Ağu 2019

The Letter Returned tothe  Sender

Is it the fire burns within your soul, or is it your eyes ablaze
Tell me, what glint did set this fiery volcano alight?
Which I shall not shun, as a moth to flame, always
It was your desire, behold, my body burning bright.

The sun itself should don your color to illume the earth
And the moon should bow before your beauty in mirth.
As everything else is fading away from my vision
Should I see the green light your eyes give birth.

Oh thou, the cruelest, who set my very existence ablaze,
Oh thou! Who ignites men's hearts with each gaze,
As sharp as a dagger, as delicate as blossom,
When your gaze brought upon me my doom,
The untamed monster within me I hurled into the wind,
My eyes relished the sin and turned blind.
Oh thy eyes! A couple of relics in you of the primordial joy,
Oh thy eyes! The harshest torment and weapon you employ,
Kill me, kill me with the glorious weapon of thine!
Strike! Strike even in death your beauty will shine!

An unfamiliar allure radiates thy face,
As if... As if it's made of gloom, and a tigress.
Yearning for you my everlasting winter, o spring!
Nor our reunion will assuage my thirst everlasting!
It cannot! Thus sings the heart, the love, the worship!
It cannot! The songs of eternal love are what grip
My very self in their fist, oh wish I could die now:
If a last glance of yours gods above would allow.

Oh, the seas should whirl the world into the doomsday!
So that the volcano inside me would decay!
Caine himself is still alive in me, hiding,
If I could, forever for your sake, I'd swing,
Like a veil before your face lest others see you, I dread,
I'd even be the soil beneath your feet you tread.

Your face in the moonlight would attract God's envy,
For no poetry can weave its beauty in verse.
To love you, is an ecstasy, still a burden heavy,
To love you, is no epiphany in heavens can rehearse!

Original: Hüseyin Nihal Atsız - Geri Gelen Mektup

Translator: M. Bahadırhan Dinçaslan

Son Düzenlenme Cuma, 22 Kasım 2019 12:06
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